Huntsville, AL

How can our Virtual LLC Program assist you?

At McCartha Law, we believe in the agility, flexibility, and stoutness that a Limited Liability Company (LLC) provides to PROTECT you, your family, and your future.

We have recently added a Virtual LLC assistance program to help clients throughout the state of Alabama. This comprehensive program helps everyday folks form their LLCs quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively without ever leaving their home!

During our Virtual LLC assistance program, we will EQUIP you with the necessary tools to form an LLC, TEACH you the process personally and EMPOWER you with knowledge. That way, you can understand the benefits and nuances of owning an LLC, while understanding its limitations as well. Let us Protect, Equip, Empower, and Teach you with our LLC Formation and Virtual Consultation Program.

Call Jennifer McCartha, CPA, at (256) 270-4233, and she will speak with you at length about this incredible opportunity.

Once you legally execute your LLC, you are all set to start training. Our LLC Formation and Virtual Consultation Program includes the following:

  • We present a 1–2-hour VIDEO presentation with attorney Jason P. McCartha and his legal assistant Jennifer McCartha, CPA.
  • We Prepare a Certificate of Formation for your LLC – formerly called Articles of Organization).
  • We Prepare a Limited Liability Company Agreement – now required by law, formerly known as the Operating Agreement.
  • We Prepare an Accountable Reimbursement Plan— generally required by the IRS to reimburse expenses paid for the LLC. We also provide all forms for this plan for your future use.
  • We serve as the Registered Agent for your LLC — We will act as your Registered Agent for free throughout the calendar year of formation and then serve thereafter for a small yearly fee.
  • We Assist you in Obtaining your EIN (Employee Identification Number) and correspond it to your Limited Liability Company.
  • We Obtain a Name Registration for your LLC.
  • We Discuss the tax options associated with LLCs, like the potential 20% tax benefit that the Tax Cuts Jobs Act put into place in 2018.
  • We Provide handouts that cover the ongoing tax and business requirements of LLC ownership.
  • We Provide Counsel regarding what you need to do when entering into contracts with your LLC. We also discuss specific contract clauses that can nullify your LLC protections.
  • We Discuss important insurance issues regarding your business, with real-life examples uncovered by our former litigation practice.
  • We Provide an attorney consultation letter regarding a significant portion of the attorney teaching that Mr. McCartha will be presenting.
  • McCartha Law will send you several emails after our meeting, consultation, and execution of your Limited Liability Company. These emails will explain business licensing, issues concerning W-2 versus 1099 employees, and other issues that are critically important to you on a state and federal level.

We are excited to share this with you over the phone — call us in Huntsville, Alabama, at 256-270-4233 or reach out via our contact page! We genuinely enjoy EMPOWERING and TEACHING our people while EQUIPPING and PROTECTING them as they form their LLC.