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After ten (10) years at our former location it was time to get lean and clean to better serve you and now we are at Big Spring Summit. Formerly known as the PNC Building, Big Spring Summit is directly on the lake at Big Spring Park.

The easiest way to explain how to get to our office and its FREE parking is from the Parkway. If you are coming south of 565 on South Parkway you need to take the Exit for Clinton Ave. Once you come to Clinton Ave you would take a RIGHT onto Clinton. Keep going until you pass Hampton Inn & Suites and then take your next RIGHT onto Church St. SW.

Once you take that right you will pass the parking lot at the TVA “mirror” Building

And then after that take your immediate next Right UP into the Parking Deck for our Building (Big Spring Summit Bld). If you drive past the “Cozy Cow” and/or Big Spring Park you have driven too far. Note it says $5 parking, but for our clients who follow these directions it is FREE. So come on up that ramp and park at the door to the building.

Drive right on up into the parking deck.

Do NOT go through to the pay parking, because you can park free IF YOU TURN LEFT before you get to the booth.

Park as close to the building as possible. There is a space reserved for
McCarthat Law Guest and that space is for YOU. If there happens to be
someone parked in that space, choose any of the spaces near the door to the
building that are only marked with “Reserved” and not designated for any
specific business.

Walk into the building and take the elevator to Floor 1 (you will have
entered on floor 2).

When you get off the elevator our office will almost be facing you and you can see into it —it is suite 125 — walk right on in and say you are there for McCartha Law.

Or you can Google directions to 100 Church St. SW (Suite 125), Huntsville, AL. Here is a link if you prefer to do this Google Directions to McCartha Law at Big Spring Summit Building.

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