Health Care Power of Attorney

More than ever you and I need a Health Care Power of Attorney.

When you create a Health Care Power of Attorney you are choosing an advocate/agent to make medical decisions for you when you can’t because of incapacity or the like. This Health Care Power of Attorney will also be your advocate if you are without the strength to advocate for yourself. For example, I had a type of flu that made it difficult for me to make my best decisions and the doctor was going to give me some medication that would shoot my blood pressure sky high without considering that I had high blood pressure, fortunately my wife advocated against that (even though I didn’t care at the moment because I just wanted to feel better) and may have very well saved my life.

A Health Care Power of Attorney is part of our Estate Planning Package for you.

Estate Planning is For Everyone.

I recently did an Estate Plan for my college aged child and recognized how underutilized this need is attended to until it becomes a dire problem.

An Estate Plan essential answers the following key questions:

1. Who is in charge of my HealthCare when I can’t be?
2. Who is in charge of my finances and possessions when I can’t be?
3. To whom should I leave my money?

Reflecting back on my own time in college, I realized I needed help several times with my financial and healthcare decisions due to the fact that I was injured playing Rugby or engaging in other not so smart activities. Consequently, our firm provided such estate planning for my child and I can do the same for you and your child.

Contact me and we will help you.